Monday, March 24, 2008

This is regarding the book “Business of Freedom” on management which I am writing.

There was a thought in my mind from a long time, as to why India missed out on Industrial Revolution, especially when India is a part of Information revolution and India was a part of Agriculture Revolution.

After going through the works from 1800 to 1950, I concluded that India missed out to a great extent on Industrial revolution because majority of the talent went into Independence movement. Some of the best slogans/ punch lines written almost a century back still ignite passion among we Indians e.g. Vande Mataram, Inquilab Zindabad, Swaraj is My Birth Right, Give Me Blood, I Will Give You Freedom etc. Some of the best organized events till date are; Dandi March, Bomb Explosion by Bhagat Singh in Assembly without killing anyone etc.

In short, the talent of the period opted for “Business of Freedom” rather than “Business of Profit”.

In the book, I am comparing thought’s of Freedom Fighters with the thoughts of Management Guru’s. The idea is to explore both “science” and “art” part of management.

I plan to print 7000 copies; the breakup of the same will be as follows:

1. 5000 copies to contributors of Rs.100/-
2.1500 copies to the director of the 1500 AICTE recognized management institutes.
3. 100 copies to 100 top management institutes world wide
4. 100 copies for media review
5. 300 copies to the top 300 CEO’s of the country, (I will be attempting to send it to 1000 CEO’s, if money permits)

I am also the printer of the book, and I am collecting Rs.100/- from 5000 people and generating Rs.5 lakhs only. All the contributors get acknowledgment in the book as well as a copy of the book.

Please get back to me for any further clarification.

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