Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dipawali, Terror Free Nation


Dipawali, festivals of lights is back and so is the time for gifts. Before I proceed further I will like to pause and remember, last few months have taken away lights out of the lives of so many families.

Is it right on our part to celebrate Dipawali with gifts? Would it not be insensitive to celebrate Dipawali this time?" The heart says; no, we should not indulge in gifts at the same time the mind says, not celebrating festivals will give a message of surrender to militants.

What’s the solution? How about giving a gift which may help people find solutions to the problems? How about a book which explores how freedom fighter got us independence? How they got the country out of the tyranny of Britishers?

This Dipawali gift “Business of Freedom –an Initiative for School of Indian Management” a book which explores the managerial learning from freedom fighters. A book which had advanced paid booking of over 2000 copies before getting published.

Country needs freedom from Terrorists.

With Passion

Sandeep Singh

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