Monday, November 17, 2008

Senator John McCain or Vivekananda Speech

Following are the Remarks from Senator John McCain after loosing the USA, Presidential race to Barack Obhama:
“It is natural tonight to feel some disappointment, but tomorrow we must move beyond it and work together to get our country moving again. We fought as hard as we could.
And though we fell short, the failure is mine, not yours.
(Undoubtedly the most impressive line in the speech)
I am so deeply grateful to all of you for the great honor of your support and for all you have done for me. I wish the outcome had been different, my friends. The road was a difficult one from the outset. But your support and friendship never wavered. I cannot adequately express how deeply indebted I am to you.”

And Following is the quote from Vivekananda’s notes on “India’s Message to The World”:

For to this land I owe whatever I possess, physical, mental and spiritual; and if I have been successful in anything, the glory is yours, not mine. Mine alone are my weakness and failures, as they come through my inability of profiting by the mighty lessons with which this land surrounds one, even from his very birth.

- The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda , Volume IV, Eighth Reprint of Subsidized Edition, May 1999 © Advaita Ashram

The idea is not to say that any one copied the thought. The point I am trying to make here is that our own literatures has such powerful thoughts but neither are we taught nor we have inclination, time, access to explore them.

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