Friday, December 12, 2008

2 Indian sailors jailed in South Korea for oil spill

Dear Friends

Hope you all read or heardb the news "2 Indian sailors jailed in South Korea for oil spill". The ship 'Hebei Spirit' was anchored when the barage owned by "samsung" collided with the ship. SKorean court has awarded one and half year in jail to captain Jasprit Chawla and eight months to chief office Shyam Chetan.

After Mumbai attack we heard lot of great talks Now time has come to put some of them in action.To begin with
1. Boycott all Samsung products
2. Ask Amir Khan (the great activist) on his blog to stop advertising for Samsung
3. Put presure through your friends who work for samsung in India
4. If in a week the sailors are not released Boycott all Korean products

World is raising voice against Koreans as Indians we need to act.The Indian Government doesn't have balls so as a citizen please act.

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