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IIT: Indian Institute of Technology or Tantrum
This article has appeared (slightly edited) in Organiser dated 14 June 2014
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TN Students to launch moon-orbitor in 2018; Times of India, 30 May 2015
....Students seethe.... IIT-M....; Sunday Times of India, 31 May 2015
If you are thinking that students of IIT-Madras are seething because students of another college in Chennai are launching moon-orbitor than you are mistaken. IIT-Madras students are seething as per Times of India. Because they are not being allowed to slaughter Hindus. Yes you have read it correct. I have lot of documentary evidence to prove it, but it might lead to communal disharmony; hence restraining myself from sharing here.
Students of IIT-M are busy running Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle (APSC), with an external guide in Hindu/India hater Arundhati Roy!!!!!!! Guess, they can’t have Bose-Raman Study Circle or based on any other scientists because there cast may not to be right for IIT-M, to hell with their knowledge in science & technology.
Students of SRM University are launching a nano-satellite weighing around 20 Kg to focus on the moon’s rocks and the lunar surface chemistry. Students of this university first launched a 10 kg earth observation nano-satellite called SRMsat on 12 October 2011, which is still performing satisfactorily.
In the meanwhile students of IIT – M were/are busy listening to one after another secular, following is a list:
Type of Body
Date of Lecture
Siddarth Varadarajan
Editor of The Hindu
Justice and the Politics of Memory and Forgetting: 1984 and 2002
11 November 2012
Narendra Nayak
President,  Federation of Indian Rational Associations
The Need for Rational Thinking
23 January 2013
Dr. Rajeev Bhargava
Director of   Centre for Study of Developing Societies
Secularism: How should states respond to religious diversity
31 January 2013
Anand Patwardhan
Film Maker
Screening of Jai Bhim
Department of HSS and EML
29 January 2014
Anand Patwardhan
Film Maker
Cinema of Resistance: A Documentary Journey.

Department of HSS and EML
30 January 2014 (No other speaker till date has got two consecutive days)
Anand Patwardhan
Film Maker

Departmental talk in HSS

31 May 2014
Teesta Seetalvad
Activist (Currently Accused of Financial Fraud - Case Pending in Supreme Court)
Human Rights and Communal Harmony
EML along with IIT For Society
10 February 2014

A panel discussion on the topic of ‘Alternate Sexuality’ and  a  play where they portrayed how sexuality is like having a liking for a certain kind of dessert
The Colloquium
8 November 2014

Celebration of ‘Kiss of Love’ by “cheeks kissed, with the occasional peck on the lips”
Chinta Bar
Not recognised by IIT-M
14 November 2014
Rajdeep Sardesai
News Anchor
Has 2014 Elections Really Changed India
17 January 2015

Screening of  Father, Son, and Holy War (Pitra, Putra, aur Dharmayuddha) by Anand Patwardhan
IIT For Society

14 February  2015
Documentary Film Festival

Screening of movie “Fabricated” in support of terrorist Madani (Bangalore bomb blast)
Chinta Bar
Not recognised by IIT-M
15 April 2014 
Student forums at IIT Madras are classified into 3 categories, based on the classification designed by student body meeting held on 28th January 2015.
1.       Student Affairs Council (SAC) affiliated student body is provided monetary and infrastructural support from IIT Madras. Such bodies report to a Student Secretary of IIT Madras.
2.       Institute Recognized Independent Body of students cannot use the name of IIT Madras, or any of its official entities, in any capacity, to publicize their activities or garner support without official permission. Such bodies would not, generally, be provided any monetary support from IIT Madras.  Requests for support, if any, from IIT Madras shall be routed through the Faculty Advisor.  The faculty advisor shall take responsibility for the group’s activities. 
3.       Direct Institute-approved Student Bodies, are provided monetary and infrastructural support from IIT Madras and formed by a Faculty Advisor approved by the Institute administration.
There is not much difference among different student bodies , except the fact that Independent Body can’t use Institute’s name.
 Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle is an Independent body. Not only this but as an Independent body it is supposed to have faculty advisor who shall take responsibility for the group’s activity. But as per the report of blog, The Fifth Estate - The Students Voice of IIT Madras it didn’t keep the advisor in loop. The report says “ The Dean of Students, however, was clear about the reason for derecognizing APSC. Being the Faculty Advisor for the student body, he mentioned that they violated the Institute’s  guidelines (applicable to all recognized Institute bodies) by not informing him about their activities, or getting posters and other promotional material approved by him — the Dean pointed out that they had used IITM’s name and logo on publicity material without adequate permission. When these violations were brought to his notice, Prof. Sivakumar decided to derecognize them provisionally on the grounds of ‘misuse of privileges’, thereby denying them access to the usage of the Institute’s resources, until such a time when the status of APSC is decided conclusively by the Board of Students once the academic year begins.”
Now coming back to the subject of lectures. The above listing in Table-1, is not an exhaustive list but just some randomly selected programs. It is obvious that a student who goes through the above will plan to slaughter Hindus rather than design Satellite. But at one glance it answers whole lot of other questions as well; which are as follows
a.       Standard of IIT.
Recent rankings of Indian University by QS World University Ranking.
Top 5 Indian Universities
2014 World Rank
2013 World Rank
2009 World Rank
IIT Delhi
IIT Bombay
IIT Kanpur
IIT Madras
IIT Kharagpur
Delhi IIT was ranked 42nd in 2008 and on 31 May 2009 Kapil Sibbal or secularism took over as Minister of HRD and rest is History. (These ranking are based on research, research citations, and quality of students and faculty. Some parameters might be skewed against IITs but even stalwarts of industry have accepted falling standards of IIT.)
b.       Perception of IITians as Terrorist and Sex Maniacs
Parents will have to re-think if they are sending their children to become engineers or terrorists and sex maniacs. Just note the programs organised by Chinta Bar, a student’s body not recognised by IIT-M. Which still functions and administration of IIT-M has not taken any action. To top it IIT-M promotes pages on facebook about sex orientation. Here is the link

c.       Brain Drain
All these have a huge cascading effect e.g. Students and Parents use rankings and perceptions as their decision-making tools to choose their education destinations.  In the 2013-2014 academic year, nearly 1,03,000 Indian students were enrolled in US institutions of higher education alone. 78 per cent of Indian students opt to study Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics fields. (The US Embassy in India). IIT’s being the direct looser.
d.       Cash Outflow from India
Indian students contributed $3.3 billion to US Economy alone last year. (The Economic Times, 1st June 2015). So India as a nation is not facing brain drain but also outflow of cash.
These affect other factors of India as a nation; and the same facts explain these poor rankings. Let’s look at some of them.
a.       Decrease in number of Patents from India
World Intellectual Property Indicators, 2012 report says: China’s contribution in patent applications globally has increased from 37.2 per cent between 1995-2009 to 72.1 per cent between 2009-11, in the same period India’s contribution decreased from 3.5 per cent to 2.7 per cent.
b.       Decrease in number of Innovation from India
Global Innovation Index 2013 ranks India as the 66th most innovative nation among 142 economies, having dropped two places from last year's position of 68.
One can visualise the pre-mature death of all the initiatives of Government of India like Make in India, Skill Development etc. IIT’s run from funds of Government and they receive hugely disproportionately high grants compared to other engineering colleges in India. 16 IITs for the year 2014-15, have been allocated Rs 2,337 crore.
And all these are Tax Payers Money. Government is answerable to tax-payers (majority Tax Payers being Hindus) of these country who has voted for this government. Tax payers hard earned money can’t be used in planning to slaughter Hindus.
In the whole din, the patience of Hindu students has not been appreciated at all by anybody. Imagine being in majority and still get abused day in and day out and that too in prime of youth and still keep calm. There is a very thin line between cowardliness and following Ahimsa. By sending the anonymous letter to ministry and not resorting to violence, (which is the intention of divisive forces) as of now the Hindu students have demonstrated maturity but it can’t be limitless. One day the bounds will break and before that happens Ministry of HRD needs to act.  
Government need not worry much about media noise. Mainline Media has been accepted as presititute and it is living upto it’s name. As per information on social media, Times of India and Economic Times on 2 June 2015 published the photo with caption saying ‘Protest against de-recognization of Ambedkar- Periyar group’ which were actually taken during the Research Fellowship Hike Protest at IIT Madras on 20 February , 2015 which was published in Times of India, Chennai Edition on 21 February 2015. Last year, The Hindu, on 12 February 2014 published that there was protest at Teesta Seetalvad’s lecture at IIT Madras and on 26 February 2014 published a clarification saying there was no protest.
It is the right time for the government to not only ban and dissolve all divisive organisations but also to terminate and punish government employees behind such initiatives in Government funded educational institutes and restore the institutes dignity and direction. Or else, Indian Institute of Technology will be another drain on national exchequer and source of communal hatred and will be known as Indian Institute of Tantrum.

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