Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dhanteras reminds death as well as health while celebrating wealth

Dear Friends

Five days of Dipawali, from Dhanteras to Bhai Duj defines the Bharatiya economy beautifully.

Dhanteras is most commonly known as the day when Bharatiyas traditionally buy new utensils or metal. It is also the day for celebrating wealth. Dhanteras is also the day for remembering Yama, the God of death as well as the day for remembering Dhanavantri, the Divine physician.

Dhanteras reminds death as well as health while celebrating wealth. Dhanteras celebration is most appropriate in today’s world when corporate are at a loss to maintain the employees health and company’s wealth.

In Bharat new books of accounts are worshipped and opened on Deepawali day. The books are marked with the signs of Swastik, Ganesha and Shubh Laabh meaning auspicious profit. It sets the approach for business activity i.e the profit has to come by fair means. No need to read books or attend conferences for business ethics.

But have you ever thought how these small things which we generally ignore as rituals, mythology are actually our history and have built world class brands like Kanjeevaram Saree to Lucknawi Chicken works, Silver Filgiri work to Bandini print, the list is almost endless.

Ever wondered who built these brands? How these brands survived and grown magnificently? How these learning’s can be used in the current scenario? Are there organizations today using them? What is the strategy behind them?

Well I am making an attempt to answer these questions in my second book “Indian Ocean Strategy – Indian School of Management in Practice”.

I am going to follow the community publishing model which I followed for my first book “Business of Freedom – an initiative for School of Indian Management” i.e. You can contribute Rs.100/- for one copy of the book. (One can also contribute in the multiples of Rs.100/- for more copies.) EVREY CONTRIBUTOR WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED IN THE BOOK. You can send your contribution at the address given below.

The book will be approximately of 200 pages. Book will be tentatively released in January 2010. (Books are a great gift whether individual or corporate.)

I look forward to your support as always in sharing and spreading Indian thoughts. Do forward this email to your friends.

With Passion,
Sandeep Singh
B/107, Nirman Apartment
Rajmata Jijabai Road
Mumbai – 400093, 9967135000

One is most welcome to contribute monetarily for the research work of the book. The contributions for research will also be duly acknowledged, the amount of contribution is immate

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Himabindu said...

First impression - I am quite impressed by your idea and appreciate your thought process. I have just read the first 15 pages and scrolled thru ...would need good time to complete the book. One thought - if these freedom fighters' real stories and the learnings are written in the form of comics / story book format with pictures, this can be easily taken as a recommended book for all children too. Otherwise, needs a little patience to complete the same. Will provide my feedback again, after I complete reading the same. Best Wishes to You.