Thursday, June 23, 2011



for authoring the two wonderful and brilliant books
Business of Freedom
Indian Ocean Strategy

The Indian Ocean Strategy intelligently brings out The Theme of The Times whose idea has finally arrived on the world that seeks deliverance from the two most destabilizing and buffeting aspects – avarice & fear of annihilating terror. These two can be vanquished only by Unleashing the Power of Bharat.

USA President Barack Obama during his maiden visit to India during Divali 2010 days had said: “India is no more emerging, India has emerged”. Your book therefore, is also among the initial signs of the manifestation of arrival of Bharat – not India – on the world stage.

What is striking is your well-thought selection of the word India for Bharat in the title of the book (*Indian Ocean Strategy*) and then unfolding inside the book the vast enriching arena of Bharat and its philosophy in which the political and geographical entity India is just a miniscule aspect, which does not seem to have been used at all!!

The book is a whiff of fresh air in the arena of books on management and India, one that offers an excellent blend of the progressive ideas of both - the maturing West and the ageless , enriching, enlivening and benevolent Bharat. Your bringing together on this single platform of the diverse thoughts of say Rg Veda (right in the first chapter Setting the Stage), arious Puranas and Shastras, Chanakya and Swami Vivekananda and many more … with that of Hu Shib, Steven Rudolf, Leibnez, Mark Twain and other bright
minds of the West is a intelligent blend of progressive thoughts from the two seemingly diverse worlds aimed at showing The Path Forward.

The profound wordy sketch of the Temple of Bharatyeea Management (pg 173 and back-page) brings out the essence of all-round richness of Bharat.

May this and other books of yours – published and also those that are in your enriched mind’s pipeline –initiate the required change in the deep recesses of the minds and hearts of the thinking minds of the readers – politicians, bureaucrats, members of the India Inc and also the young, maturing and matured - to whom this book is targeted ‘…for school of Indian management’ … who individually and collectively would contribute to pave the way for the glorious Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World as a Family.

One point: The lay readers like me would be enriched more with some basic description of the names and quotes of those respected persons who are known only to the enlightened and intelligent persons.

With Best Wishes for your continued efforts

Sharad Mistry

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